Standalone Optic Switch System (SOSS)


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Standalone Optic Switch System - (SOSS)

Use optic water level switches easy!

The SOSS makes optic switches straight forward!

Optic level switches are superior to floats as they are more trustworthy for the important task. Most of the times, though, they impose a difficulty in adding them to a controller as they have digital outputs that most controllers don’t support and power requirements that controllers don’t provide either. As a result, adding them to one of the major controllers either is impossible or entails a significant investment in buying the “module” that can support them. No more! With the SOSS you can easily add up to four switches in a straight forward way and you won’t be locked to the specific controller either! Watch the video for more details.

The full SOSS package contents

Easy Implementation

Very easy to add optic switches to practically any controller.


No Constraints

Using the SOSS you’re not constrained in one ecosystem or another.

Readily Available Components

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get the sensors, avoid the proprietary ones and get the readily available generics!

Packages and Options

You can get the SOSS in different packages to suit your need. The table below shows all available options. As a first step, a few discounted packages will be available. You’re being an early adopter of the product!

Extra Sensors

If you need extra sensors, output cables and holders please contact me with your needs and I will give you a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is this solution?

Optic water level switches are inherently more reliable than floats. That is because there are no moving parts that could impede the performance of the switch. The SOSS is a very straight forward implementation of a translator from an optic switch to a float switch. No micro-controller is used which means no software to hang or behave weirdly. Having said that, all systems need a backup and nothing should be trusted absolutely!

What is the fail state of the module?

If the module loses power the output defaults to closed! Take all necessary precautions to face that possibility.

What are the fail safes I should have in place?

The most important setup step of any automation is fail safes. For the SOSS it is recommended that:

  • If it’s used as a sensory system for an Auto Top Off (ATO) system then a maximum on time for the top off pump is suggested to be implemented. For example, “if the pump is on for more than X seconds turn off and notify me”. This is easily achievable in an Apex system. Other systems should have fairly similar abilities.
  • In general, a traditional float switch that’s outside the water at a maximum water height is recommended as a backup to the system. That way you have a sensor that’s not tied in to the SOSS thus avoiding a single point of failure.
This does not look like the other retail products on the market. Why?

All products I make are 3D printed and not injection molded. That means that the surface finish quality of the part will not be directly comparable to an injection molded part. Although not very common, there might be small surface finish defects, or rough spots. The goal is to have a fully functional, as described part. This disadvantage to 3D printing is reflected on my pricing as well. Polished surface finishes, is definitely something that can be achieved to a certain degree with 3D printed parts (sanding, painting, vapor smoothing etc), but it’s a time consuming process, something that’s outside of the scope of the products in this store.

The PCB that runs the electronics is manufactured by a professional facility and the soldering is done in house by me. All boards are conformal coated in order to fair better in high humidity environments.

What colors are currently available?

At this stage only one color is available: black for the switch holders and base of module and translucent for the top cover of the module.

There is consideration for different color combos in the future but not at this time.

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