Portable Magnetic Stir Plate


This is a small, battery powered, portable magnetic stir plate.


This is a small, battery powered, portable magnetic stir plate. It takes a 9V battery to operate. Magnetic stirrers make testing much easier. Titration tests (calcium, alkalinity, potassium etc.) become a breeze as there is not a lot of pausing/mixing/dosing happening. Just put the cuvette on the stir plate, start the mixing and begin titrating! The colorimetric tests (phosphates, nitrates etc.) are much easier as well. No need to shake for 5 minutes, just set on the stirrer and go. An all around tool to help your testing become much easier (hence potentially more frequent!).

The stirrer is designed for small cuvettes included with hobby grade reef aquarium test kits. The overall dimension of the stirrer is 3-1/2″ width x 3″ depth x 2-1/2″ height and the maximum container diameter (embossed circle pictured) is ~1-1/4″ or so. If you want a custom size stir plate please don’t hesitate to contact me as I have designed different sizes for different applications.

This stirrer is made of a PLA printed casing. It contains a high strength neodymium magnet and a high speed motor with a speed controller. The main colors it’s offered is black/orange as pictured. I could make different color combinations, just select “other” and leave a note as to which you want. Please keep in mind that the knob will be orange no matter what.

What’s included:

  • A 3D printed fully assembled stirrer.
  • A magnetic stir bar (otherwise known as “pill”).

What’s needed:

  • A 9V fresh battery.
  • Your favorite test kits!


Please keep in mind that these are made to order. They’re designed, printed, soldered and assembled by me. So, please allow 2-3 days after ordering until shipping. Also, the fact that this is a hand assembled 3D printed product means that it might/will have some minor imperfections (that don’t hinder performance) such as surface finish imperfections, slight assembling variations etc. This is reflected in the lower than store bought price of the product.

Additional information


Black/Orange, Other (leave note)

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