Power Brick Holder Design

The information on this page will help you send me what I need to design a power brick holder I don’t already have in my collection.


The Design

The design of the holder takes a few considerations in mind. First, make sure I don’t already have a design in my collection that will work. If not, then please take a look at the requirements outlined below and fill in the form at the end of this page.


What I need at a minimum to be able to design the holder is the width, height, depth and the placement of the power input plug on the bottom. You can send me those measurements directly. However, I typically prefer having a few pictures of the brick next to a tape measure so I can actually have a good idea of what I am dealing with. For the pictures, some guidelines are shown below.


Typically the power brick holders are designed to hold the brick vertically with it’s power input towards the bottom. Most power bricks have their power input on the center but sometimes, as is the case in this picture, they are offset. For these reasons, a good picture will reflect not only the width of the power brick but also the placement of the power plug. That way, the slot on the bottom can be placed accurately.


When taking measurements or pictures of the depth of the brick, make sure you take into account any “legs” the brick may have on the bottom. Some tend to feature them and some don’t. The best practice in taking pictures of the depth is to lay the brick flat on a table and have the tape measure’s beginning be flat with the table as well as pictured above.


The height of the brick is not as crucial as the holder will be approximately half the brick’s height.

Extra bottom picture

Taking an extra bottom picture as shown above is a good practice as well. This gives a clear picture of what the bottom of the holder needs to be in order to not interfere with the power inlet.

Sending the Information

 You can go ahead and send me a message using the form below. You can include your measurements in your message. If you have taken pictures, you can upload them to a free hosting service like Imgbb or your Google Drive and send me the links. Alternatively, send me a message below and when I respond to you, you will be able to attach the picture into an e-mail.

Send me the details

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