Magnetic 1/4″ Tubing Holder – 4 Spot


This is a magnetic tubing holder for 1/4″ tubing.


This is a magnetic tubing holder for 1/4″ tubing. The holes are designed to fit the tubing snug and the screws provide extra comfort if you choose to use them. The magnets are pre-coated resin neodymium N50 high strength magnets capable of holding on less than 1/2″ glass (1/2″ will probably work).

  • Designed for snug fit of 1/4″ tubing (RODI, airline etc).

Please see the magnet and material selection disclaimers before ordering. If you want a more compact single spot version, you can find one here.

* Clear color is essentially PLA with no added color. It’s translucent but not transparent (like glass or acrylic).
** When you choose “Other” as a color, please leave me a message in your order with what you like. Keep in mind that a color that I don’t have in hand will delay the shipping of your order by 2-3 business days so I can get the color in.

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Black, White, Blue, Orange, Red, Clear (Translucent)


Single, 2 Pack

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