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Did you know that NFC tags can be programmed to do initiate all sorts of shortcuts? Afterall, that’s how you got here! Keep scrolling for some unique ideas on how to use your new NFC tag.

You can use programming apps on your phone to program your tag. Here is a brief explanation for Android and iOS devices.

There are many ways you can use your NFC tag. Below are a few ideas…

1. Business Cards

You can program your card to contain your information. Then when people scan it they can immediately get it stored in their phones. No yucky papers needed!

2. Guest WiFi

You can use your card as an access key for your WiFi. This way, next time you have a guest they can tap the card and instantly connect, no passwords needed.

3. SMS Sending

You can program the tag so when you tap it, it automatically sends an SMS message to someone. This may be very useful for the car for instance.

4. Car Automations

You can setup the tag in a way where when it’s tapped your phone performs certain automations useful when you are driving.

Many more uses exist for your new tag! Poke around YouTube for a bit and you will find plenty of unique and cool ideas. Thank you again for your business!

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