Skimz VSC-DC Controller Wall Mount / Cradle


This is a wall mount for the Skimz VSC-DC Controller.

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This is a wall mount for the Skimz VSC-DC Controller. It allows you to easily mount it on a wall or equipment cabinet. It has two countersunk screw holes.

  • Printed out of PLA.
  • Holds the Skimz VSC-DC Controller.

Since there is variability from the manufacturer in the controller generation that comes with your product, please check the actual dimensions of the holder provided (last picture) to make sure it will fit your specific controller. If you find any discrepancies, please contact me for a custom holder.

* Clear color is essentially PLA with no added color. It’s translucent but not transparent (like glass or acrylic).
** When you choose “Other” as a color, please leave me a message in your order with what you like. Keep in mind that a color that I don’t have in hand will delay the shipping of your order by 2-3 business days so I can get the color in.

***Controller not included.

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Black, White, Blue, Orange, Red, Clear (Translucent)

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