Rectangular Large Coral Viewer – Phone Edition


This is a 7″x4″ coral viewer by 3″ height designed to hold a phone.

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This is a 7″x4″ coral viewer by 3″ height designed to hold a phone. It floats on the water surface of your aquarium filtering out flow distortions offering clear top-down view of your tank. It’s ideal for taking a closer look at your corals, fish or other details that are hard to view from the top. It works great for taking top-down pictures of your corals too! It is designed to be able to put your phone in it, thus completely eliminating glare, and float in on the water surface making it much easier to take pictures of your corals or fish. The angled (dihedral) design of it helps it self balance a lot better and adds to it’s volume to allow it to take even heavier phones.

  • Made out of clear acrylic viewing panel and PLA body.
  • Watertight seal helps it float and protects the phone.
  • Ideal for top-down viewing and pictures.
  • Ideal size for all sorts of smart phones.

All example pictures included here are taken with a Galaxy S8 with no post processing (other than the text overlay).

Please allow a few days from ordering before shipping as I have to cut the acrylic, print the base, bond them and check the water tightness of the part. Please also note that the acrylic to plastic seam although water tight, might have minor imperfections due to the bonding process.

* Clear color is essentially PLA with no added color. It’s translucent but not transparent (like glass or acrylic).
** Please also note that when dealing with acrylic, although care will be exercised, there is a chance of a small defect or scratch. It won’t be anything serious but rather minute in nature and invisible in water.
*** Using this product is at the end user’s risk. We cannot be held liable for any phone or other damage. Please use safely!

Additional information

Base Color

Black, White, Blue, Orange, Red, Clear (Translucent)

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