Pipe Mounted Angled Blade Scraper


This angled scraper is designed to hold a standard Stanley blade.

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This angled scraper is designed to hold a standard Stanley blade. It can be used to clean your glass and other flat surfaces. Due to it’s design it’s great for corners. Its designed with an angle allowing for easy scraping of the glass. The metal blade is very good at scraping coraline algae off cleanly. Blade is not included but any Stanley regular blade like these will work. It is designed to support mounting a 1/2″ PVC pipe in the back. This makes it very versatile as you can cut the pipe any size you need. You can also use it without the pipe. A simple set screw will allow for easy removal of the pipe. Installing the blade is very easy as well as it utilizes two clamping down screws. Moreover, the design allows for a little “swivel play” laterally which will help with good contact with your flat surface even if you’re holding at a little angle.

  • Easy mounting of a Stanley blade.
  • Designed for 1/2″ PVC extension “handle”.

Always be careful and don’t go to close to your silicone seals if you have a glass tank. Always remove the scraper from water after you’re done and dry the blade well. Examine the blade you use for rust before each use and swap out frequently.

* Clear color is essentially PLA with no added color. It’s translucent but not transparent (like glass or acrylic).

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Black, White, Blue, Orange, Red, Clear (Translucent)

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