Adjustable Acrylic Skimmer Base


This is an acrylic base with printed adjustable legs for adjusting the height of a skimmer.

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This is an acrylic base with printed adjustable legs for adjusting the height of a skimmer. The pictured part is 8.5″ x 7.75″ with adjustable legs from 1″ to approximately 2″. If you want a different height adjustable legs please contact me before ordering. Also, if you need a smaller acrylic plate, let me know as well. This base design can be adjusted according to your needs. This redesigned version has draining holes in the center to allow for better circulation and compatibility with skimmers that have their intake on the bottom.

  • Colored or clear 1/8″ acrylic base.
  • Center leg to prevent bowing and help keep rigidity.
  • Adjustable screw legs allow for very fine height adjustment.
  • Center draining holes for added compatibility with more skimmers.

If you need a different size contact me and we will work the details out.

Please allow a few days from ordering before shipping as I have to print the legs and cut the acrylic. The printing of the legs alone is over 10 hours(!).

Please see the material selection disclaimer before ordering.

* Clear color is essentially PLA with no added color. It’s translucent but not transparent (like glass or acrylic).
** When you choose “Other” as a color, please leave me a message in your order with what you like. Keep in mind that a color that I don’t have in hand will delay the shipping of your order by 2-3 business days so I can get the color in.
*** Please also note that when dealing with acrylic, although care will be exercised, there is a chance of a small defect or scratch. It won’t be anything serious but rather minute in nature and invisible in water.

Additional information

Leg Color

Black, White, Blue, Orange, Red, Clear (Translucent)

Acrylic Color

Clear, Fluorescent Orange

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