3D Printing 101 Class – Part 1 – April 25th 2020

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This webinar will be taking place on Saturday April 25th 2020 at 12:00PM Central Standard Time and it is scheduled to last 45 minutes to 1 hour. This is the first part of the “3D Printing 101 Class” which will be a very basic introduction to what is 3D printing. What are the steps to 3D print? What does it take? This webinar will be for the completely uninitiated in the world of 3D printing and will be a great first step in understanding what it takes to make a 3D print.

I will be explaining things in a very basic level to allow for the easiest understanding. I will be covering:

  • What 3D printing is.
  • What are the steps to 3D print:
    • Design
    • Select material
    • Slice
    • Print

I will be delving deeper in how 3D printers work, how to 3D design and how to slice and print in the consequent parts of this class. This part is meant as an introduction.

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